Football has ingrained itself into Cameroonian culture from youth leagues to the Pros, and while loyal fans wear their hearts on their sleeves one adoring fan of the sport has seen the dream come true.

Born on  July 31, 1988, Valery Kadji has never wavered in his allegiance to the sport. His Football education started at a tender age as he watched his boyhood club, Victoria United leave remarkable imprint in the sand of time.

His love affair with the beautiful game has increased not decreased so is the desire to one day manage a football club.

Valery Kadji is widely regarded as a self made man who came from a humble childhood and created his wealth through hard work and incredible self confidence.

The youngest President in the Southwest Regional League began cutting his academic teeth at Catholic Primary School Gardens before climbing up the success ladder with spells at CCAST Bambili and GBHS Limbe where he obtained his Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates.

As an Oliver Twist character, his quest for more took him to the prestigious University of Buea where he came out with a Bachelor degree.

Close pals say Valery Kadji is a football avorak who is naively surprised by attention he received after taking over Buea United FC.

The recent cash injection and the change of the club philosophy has given rebirth to hope that the club success story is on its early chapters.