When talent is not nurtured and guided, it turns to disappear in a very funny way and this is what has been affecting the Southwest region of Cameroon.

This is the view of the officials of newly founded Tiko Youth Sporting Association,TYSA, based in the town of Tiko, Southwest region.

Going by the officials of the association, the birth of TYSA is to help young Cameroonians below the age of 17 achieve their dreams in different sports disciplines.

TYSA, in order to announce her birth,, organised a football camp in Tiko which started from September 25, 2018.

The aim of the training camp is to help enhanced footballers physically and psychologically so that they are ready for the upcoming footballing season in Cameroon.

Speaking to The Post Newspaper Cameroon, the Project Manager of the association, Bekima Alain said the camp has been organised to get players ready for the upcoming championships.

These players after undergoing the training session will be marketed to Amateur leagues and also the Cameroon Professional Football League( Elites 1&2).

He pointed out that their main target is to scout for talents below the ages of 17 in different sports disciplines and groomed them to have a certain level in football to make them outstanding.

Also, after getting them ready, they will get them new avenues in local and international levels.

Pundits see the creation of TYSA as a solution to the dwindling of football talents in the region.

This is because players in yhe region at times make so many decisions that stall or kill their dreams of becoming professionals.

However, with the coming of TYSA, these young talents will be able to have a career as they will be groomed and guided by TYSA in their various careers.

As a sign of progress from the football camp were players are undergoing training under coach Talom Deffo Jean Pierre , the TYSA had played Southwest Regional league champions Victoria United FC.

In the first two encounters just when the camp started, it was the Southwest champions that humiliated TYSA 5-0 and 5-1 in these encounters.

However, after a month into the camp, the recent clash between the two saw 10-man TYSA beaten 1-0 by Victoria United after they put on a good show.

The news of TYSA’s performance has seen football scouts at the association’s training ground and many believed its just a matter of time for the association to start ripping the fruits of her labour.